Green Goals May 28, 2009

The following are overarching goals from which we will plan our objectives (steps) and revisit periodically to revise and reevaluate:

  • Overall, we are creating a thorough model that other communities/institutions can adopt and sustain with a rotating staff.
  • Engage and partner with the community (including organizations, businesses, and residents). This will involve regular participation in community events as well as eliciting community wants/concerns/goals.
  • Identify assets that will be documented/archived (including people, places, organizations, etc.)
  • Document and collect assets.
  • Process certain assets into Crossroad’s inventory (objects and interviews).
  • Create an inventory of assets that community institutions/organizations/residents can use to serve their goals (increasing participation, communication, networking, public relations and awareness, education, community pride, community heritage, community programs, grassroots movements, etc.)

Examples of specific outcomes is the Community Inventory Model, a collection of Hyde Park assets (interviews, documents, etc.), and facilitating web 2.0 self-determination in having community institutions “update” Hyde Park’s wikipedia page.

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