Week 2 Blog Post by Daniel Saba

With orientation over, I now feel that I have a foundation to build on over the next eight weeks of my work and experience with Crossroads to Freedom.  While individual group activity has been limited to meetings and the video project, we have developed a basic idea of what we will be doing as a team.

                We will be working with the community of Hyde Park to basically build a collection of material about that community.  Whereas previous Crossroads programs have been perhaps either individual based or general in outlook, this year we are taking Crossroads into the communities, giving it a community orientated basis instead.  That is how the Green Team figures into the picture, as it is our job to get the data from the community.

                Perhaps specialty is a better word then job, for one thing that I have come to expect over the past couple of days is that we work as general Crossroads to Freedom members first, and more specific Green Team Members second.  We are still going to all be active in what has traditionally been the Crossroads process: archiving artifacts, interviewing, processing interviews, digitizing material etc.  It is just that on top of that we have the specific role to play as the Green Team in working with Hyde Park. That at least is what I have come to expect.  

                Another important thing to consider is that this year is the first year Crossroads has functioned like this. Green Team will be the first Crossroads team to work on a community basis. Since we are the first, that means that we are the trailblazers. So another important task for us is building a model for later generations of Crossroads to use; to have a process ready for them. So  we are innovators also.

                All in all I feel excited.  I hope to build on what foundation of understanding I have now, and to get a better feel for and sense of things in the coming days.

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