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The GOLD TEAM consists of NeNe Bafford, Daniel Jacobs (team leader), April Wilson, and Nadia Winston.  The goal of the GOLD TEAM is to develop various social networking tools that are free and user friendly, but able to maintain access to the Crossroads materials that are already available and serve as a model to other communities outside of Memphis as well.  The goals of the GOLD TEAM include:

  • Increase awareness about Crossroads.
  • Improve access to the materials that are in the Crossroads collection.
  • Stimulate dialogue about the Crossroads materials throughout the community.
  • Encourage others to keep coming back to the Crossroads community to learn more about the material, as well as improve their own character and values by learning about past history.

With all of these goals in mind, the GOLD TEAM will be working to create a Facebook account and a YouTube channel for the Crossroads to Freedom Project by June 12, 2009.  Other ideas include:

  • Flyers
  • Flickr/Photobucket account
  • Attending local events to spread the word about Crossroads
  • Media coverage

 Reflective Quotes from the GOLD TEAM:

“The biggest challenge I feel the Gold team will face is getting the word out about our project so that others will find these different avenues we have created. If no one knows about Crossroads to Freedom, our new networking sites will be of no use. We have to create community awareness so that we can attract people into Crossroads and they can further spread the word about the great materials we have to offer.” -April Wilson

“These goals all aim towards assisting the community in gaining access, awareness, and understanding of the important Civil Rights documents from the Memphis Community. As a team, we feel that it is crucial for the community of Memphis to understand the history behind Memphis, in order to create a greater tomorrow for all.” -Nadia Winston

What other ideas do you have for the GOLD TEAM?

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