The Power of the Story

               Today’s tour of the Hyde Park community was a great introduction to the area.  We started out by walking along Hollywood Street which used to be an industrial area of the city and now functions as the neighborhood’s business district.  Then we quickly popped into the Furniture and Hardware Store on Chelsea and Hollywood which has been there for 85 years!  It might be interesting to interview the owner of this store to learn about his impressions of the area. 

     Another thing that Mrs. Dorothy pointed out was that Hurricane Elvis had devastated the area when it came through a couple of years ago.  I’m sure that we could work this into our interviews somehow.  Apparently there is a story behind the old post office which is now the Blessed and Highly Favored Christian Center.  Let’s explore that story more!  At the Health Loo, Dorothy told us that we should interview Linda Moses.  So maybe we could give her a call in a couple weeks when she gets back in town.

     My favorite part of the tour was meeting people in the area.  So many residents were wondering what in the world we were doing there.  After explaining who we were, most people thought that what we were doing was cool and wanted to be a part of it.  One lady even gave us the name of a community activist!

      I started off a little confused about what exactly we are doing in Hyde Park.  Now I think I realize that we are there because of the individual stories.  Stories are the way that people give meaning to their lives and their worlds.  Even the made up stories suggest what people value most in the world.  In a certain sense, stories make people, make communities.  And we have the incredible task of collecting some of these stories and figuring out how to give them back to the community.  In a way, we are journalists that are reporting on those drowned out by the mainstream media.  Get excited you guys!  We have an important and fun task ahead!     

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