Purple Goals June 8, 2009

As the PURPLE TEAM (Bradley Bledsoe, Arijit Paul, Courtney Waters, Mackenzie Zalin and Tiffani Smith), we plan to preserve archives, documents, video tapes, photographs, etc. and provide access to these materials to the public by uploading them to the Crossroads to Freedom website. These primary resources allow the community to gain an understanding of history free from biases to gain their individual perpsective with the information provided from all types of backgrounds.

Our goals are as follows:

  • Aid in the preservation of primary resources to ensure their longetivity for future generations.
  • Digitize the Evergreen Collection and the Everett R. Cook Collection for access to the community.
  • Utilize outside resources to aid in providing context for the materials provided.

Steps Include the Following:

  • Examine Finding Aid.
  • Learn resources readily available in Memphis room to aid in digitization.
  • Determine priorities within collection.
  • Identify items to digitize in phase 1.
  • Create, Update, and Improve documentation for off site facilities when digitizing archives.
  • Establish contact with Evergreen Community Leaders.
  • Attend Evergreen neighborhood meetings (see website for meeting times throughout summer).
  • Create contact group of potential interviewees. If pertinent, prioritize according to age and involvement/interaction with the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Once reasonable level of familiarity with the neighborhood has been established through primary interaction with residents, seek out Mr. Dowdy at Memphis Public Library so that he may point us in the direction of supporting documentation in the archives.
  • Find and utilize outside resources to support research and documents to make connection with dual aspects of investigation (i.e. primary interaction with Evergreen vs. archival engagement of materials).
  • Split up parts of collections for focused research after perusing documents as a group.
  • Present research findings to community on local (i.e. Rhodes), regional (i.e. Memphis) and extended (i.e. blogs) levels.

Tiffani Smith

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