Shasta Center.

This past week for the Green Machine has been very busy. from setting up in the Shasta House, meetings with Dorthy Cox, long meetings as a team, civing contact information and trying to put them in order of importance, to doing mock interviews and having NO audio. What a week! This weeks has also proven to be a learning experince. As far as working with the camera and audio equipment I’ve re-learned some things as well as learning techniuques that I did not know. I’ve gotten better with lighting as well as learning whats better outside and inside. This week as been a great at testing my energy and patience. I have learned that I have very little patience to sit and try and work with the equipment and take time to adjust the audio. During the meetings I find my energy getting low so this has been something great that allows me to work at those things. all in all this has been a very busy and resourceful week. I am looking forward to the presentation….T.G.I.F!!!


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