Chronology of Evergreen History

This week, as a member of the purple team I, along with the team have been working hard to establish some concrete connections to the Evergreen community. We have been doing a lot of leg work. One of the preliminary measures we have taken is to create a chronology of the Evergreen history. Of course there is much to include, however this is a starting list. I, along with Mac, worked on this and have attempted to include the most pertinent points in the history. Everyone is welcome to comment if you discover that you have more information to include.

Courtney Waters and Mackenzie Zalin

Chronology of Evergreen Neighborhood

Compiled by Mackenzie Zalin & Courtney Waters
Last updated: June 17, 2009
Crossroads to Freedom




Founding of Memphis


Creation of Memphis Park Commission by State


Area currently known as Overton Park acquired by City; development of Evergreen occurs immediately thereafter when Robert Galloway builds house on Dewey Street (now Galloway) (T11). Growth based largely upon extension of Memphis Street Railway lines further east on Poplar on the Raleigh Springs line.   


Memphis Zoo founded


Woman’s Evergreen Improvement Club founded. Later changed to Woman’s Evergreen Club in mid 1920’s.


Snowden Elementary School opens


Brooks Art Gallery constructed in Overton Park


Rhodes College (then Southwestern) moves from Clarksville to Memphis, just north of neighborhood


Park Commission purchases Williamson Park “in order to prevent the sale and use of the property for Negro tenement houses” (T29).


Men’s and Women’s branches of Evergreen Club merge

Early 50’s

Bureau of Public Roads accepts so-called Bartholomew Plan to build an expressway (now I-40) surrounding and intersecting Memphis


Committee to Preserve Overton Park (CPOP) created. ‘Committee’ changed to ‘Citizens’ in 1964


City supports federal decision to build east-west segment of I-40 through Overton Park. Private groups (i.e. CPOP et al.) continue to oppose public consensus.


Mid-Memphis Improvement Association (MMIA) formed, predecessor of Evergreen Historic District Association (EHDA)


CPOP files suit against City Council


Vollintine Evergreen Community Action (VECA) established


Supreme Court hears CPOP case to prevent construction of I-40 through Overton Park.


Supreme Court sends case back to lower court. Decision considered a victory for Evergreen, although controversial. Case stagnates in court for remainder of decade as does vacant corridor intended for I-40.


Plan Z goes into effect, which pairs Vollintine/Snowden schools without changing official boundaries. Measure created in order to better integrate schools


Overton Park Historic District joins National Register of Historic Places


Evergreen down-zoned to single family area


Neighborhood officially changes name to Evergreen Historic District


Evergreen placed on National Register of Historic Places


Federal government returns I-40 corridor to city/state 


City Council Approves Evergreen’s Historic Conservation Zoning


Construction of new homes begins in I-40 corridor



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  1. I was reading through this and something caught my eye. I currently Live in the Womens Evergreen Club house. It was built by Robert galloway in 1910 and he lived here while he was building the very large Galloway Mansion down the road. It later became the Evergreen Womens Clubhouse. I have an old Program with the members and picture of the home on the front.

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