Gold Team Progress

It’s been a week since the GOLD TEAM launched its Facebook and YouTube sites and there has been great progress!!!!


As of today, the Facebook page has 71 FANS! The team is in the process of trying to figure out how to get more  outside people (people other than friends) aware of the page.  If this happens, there could possibly be more interaction on the page and a wider demographic.  The Slogan is also posted on the page and the winning slogan is: Stories of Struggle. Stories of People. Stories of Memphis.


The team has also uploaded 2 more videos.  The interview clip with Mr. Herman Gary and the interview clip with Mrs. Hattie Tuggle are now available on YouTube!

The Team has also accomplished several of the goals that were mentioned at last week’s meeting.

 1.Posted 3 videos to Youtube
2. Made documentation on creating feature videos
3. Set ground rules
4. Collaborated with Green Team on flyers
5. Made a list of sites where we can get our link posted
6. Number of facebook fans
7. Updated news page
8. Worked on t-shirt
9. Made calender
10. Researched trinkets for outreach

Together, the Gold Team met with Martha Kelley to set up some Ground Rules that could help the team work together better as a whole.

Also, the team met with Communications Office to find out more about writing Press Releases.

This morning, Joe Wack met with the team about how to hold the Flip cameras properly and gave some great advice about filming.

Next week, the team will be focusing on writing a Press Release and creating documentary shorts about the whole Crossroads team!

Remember to visit the Facebook and YouTube sites!!!!

~Gold Team~

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