T.E.A.M: Together Everyone Achieves More!

This week has been very productive for the Gold team. After making both the YouTube and Facebook accounts public, there has already been a number of subscribers to both channels. Facebook has been the most successful social networking site, so far between the two, with a total of 71 fans and counting! After publishing the YouTube channel last week, the Gold team worked hard to edit 4 videos and post on the YouTube channel, which was successfuly completed. In addition to this, there were a host of meetings that were scheduled to enhance us as team members, these meeting s included meeting with the communications office about an up and coming press release that we are trying to complete on behalf of the Crossroads to Freedom organization and a meeting with Mr. Joe Wack regarding videotaping techniques. Another meeting we had was regarding the ground rules for the team. I think this meeting was the best! The ground rules meeting was organized to set up a group of “team laws” to assist us a team and work together more efficiently. I believe that it was a great bonding experience for us all.

As we know there is no “I” in the word “TEAM”! And in a “TEAM,” together everyone achieves more! So where are your “spirit fingers” for your team? Put them high in the air! Gold TEAM Power!



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