Week 4

This week, we worked to set up interviews with our contacts in the community. First, we stopped at Eddie Robinson’s house (who we first met on our tour of Hyde Park) and we were warmly received inside. He was very eager to share with us his stories and a lot of other stuff he had to tell us. At 91, and having lived in Memphis since the mid 60s, he had a lot to tell us.
Then we stopped at the Community Center to talk to the seniors that were having lunch there. We told them who they were. Many had a lot to tell us. But when we asked if they were interested in being interviewed on camera, many of them were hesitant, reluctant, and even resistant.
Friday of that week, we went to a community carnival in nearby Douglass Park. Many of these same people were there (the community center in Hollywood had sort of a field trip for them there). The event was useful as it allowed us to build better familiarity, both with them and with the community.
Still, there remains a reluctance from the people we met at the Community Center to be interviewed. This in spire of an enthusiasm they have to talk to us casually. Next week, we our presenting our project to the Community Center. I hope that the event will help build on this enthusiasm so that more will volunteer to be interviewed.

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