Presentation at Hollywood Community Center- Green Team

by Daniel Saba

    Today we had a very successful day at the Hollywood Community Center.  We had planned out a slideshow to help us explain to the seniors at the Community Center just exactly who we were and what we wanted.  So we showed this to them, along with some of our stuff (the Russell Sugarmon Collection, the Memphis World).  We had also wanted to show them some clips of our past interviews, however we had problems with the volume on the Projector- it wasn’t loud enough.  So we weren’t able to, though we did tell them where they could find the website and we did hand out flyers showing them what our homepage looked like.

     Despite that setback it was a success.  At the end of the slideshow, we asked if they had any comments or input.  And a few them got started talking, all about what they remember from the Civil Rights era right up until the present.  And I think that the general gist of what people (or at least what I) came away with was that while it’s not an all together pleasant history, its one that is necessary to remember, and Crossroads to Freedom is all about making sure that the injustices and struggles against those injustices as well both the failures and successes within that struggle are remembered.

   And these seniors, I know from hearing what they had to say when we asked for their input, have a first hand memory of all that.  So thats why it was important to build familiarity with them and try to get some of them to contribute their own recollections to the Crossroads archive.  Until today, their was a major hesitance, reluctance and even resistance on much of their part to tell their stories, at least in front of the camera. Maybe some of that still remains, but I felt that some level of enthusiasm was built today.  Enthusiasm to talk had been there before, but I think now there might actually be an enthusiasm on their part to have their stories recorded into history.  Thats why today was so successful.


Daniel Saba

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