Purple Team In the House

This week has been an interesting one for the purple team.  After an exciting week last week with discovering many new things about zoning laws in Memphis particularly in the Evergreen Community, this week was a little less successful when it came to finding relevant documents.  I did find several good maps in the Memphis room that Mr. Dowdy hooked me up with, which proved to be very insightful and useful.  Now, as far as I can tell, I am finished looking in the Evergreen Collection for zoning conflicts and documents.  I found a very interesting map, which was quite large that was the city of Memphis in 1938 and it had designated Negro living sections shaded a different color than the rest of the city.  This was a great find because it will enable our team as a whole to see how different neighborhoods have changed or not changed demographically throughout the history of the city.  Also, I have successfully digitized some of the zoning documents I researched last week, which once they are processed can be added to the Crossroads website.


This week has been exciting because we had our meeting with Historian Bette Tilley in the Memphis room.  She was able to give us some information on the history of Evergreen, even though we did not exactly leave the meeting with much new knowledge.  What we did leave the meeting with was a new initiative and enthusiasm about working to find out more about the Evergreen community during the civil rights era.  So far this has been a troublesome topic for our group because we have been struggling with direction and goals, but we have this new initiative that will lead us to come in close contact with the Evergreen Community and discover new archive collections (besides the Evergreen one) in order to get the stories of the people of Evergreen. Currently we are going through the Oral history interviews dealing with VECA and Evergreen, which will allow us to get knowledge about the area at the time. We plan on digitizing these old cassette tapes to make these interviews available online.


We have realized that to get the true stories of this era in Memphis we need to not only look where there has been people in struggle, but to get the whole collection of stories we need to see what the entire community was doing and how they were living.  The Purple Team ends this week in confidence that next week will be even better and that we will continue to find missing links that we need in order to really discover Evergreen. 


-Go Big Purple


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