Interview Concerns

Today we (The Green Team) had a very productive day. We interviewed at the Hollywood Community Center. The people that we interviewed today were working class people. One was a nurse and one was a school teacher. They had very interesting stories to tell about their life in Memphis, Race Relations and life circumstances in general. I very much so enjoyed our interviews today. One particular story seemed very interesting in regards to Crossroads to Freedom. One of the women whom we interviewed who was older and retired said that she was not affected segregation. Her reasoning was that her family did not talk about these kind of issues. she said that’s the way things were and she didn’t question it. It was interesting because one of the interviewers kept asking questions pertaining to civil rights and race issues and she kept giving the same answer. It seemed as though we were trying to find something that might not have been there for the woman that we were interviewing. So, after this interview I found myself question the interview as a whole. Of course the interview is valuable, but seeing that she said she was not affected by issues such as segregation…I was wondering what other questions we could have asked her in regards to things of this nature that would get a different answer out of her. Then I wondered what (If there are any) specific answer/s are we looking for here at Crossroads? Of course I havent came up with an answer. Just something to ponder I suppose.

Paris (Green Team)


Ready for the cookout today?? =]

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