Why We Interview in Teams (I think)

So far, I’ve participated in three interviews for Crossroads , one as the camera man, and two as an interviewer. On one of these, I was the sole interviewer.
During that interview, I felt much more nervous then I had when I was with a group interviewing someone. I also felt less confident. Its definitely easier to do it in teams.
The reason I think that is, is because people think differently. They approach things in a different way. I noticed this after I was done interviewing and switched with Paris, who was previously behind the camera, while she took over for the interview (we did two back to back). I noticed that her line of questioning, while going off of the same guide and following the same basic structure as I had, was nevertheless different then mine.
So different people think differently, they have their own way of approaching things. And thats what makes interviewing someone with two people easier; that those two people will both have different angles on things and thus bring a diversity to the line of questioning with the interviewee.
This then makes for less risk of having sort of “blank spots” when you interviewing someone, where the interviewer is fumbling around for a question to ask. Thats because the other person interviewing will have a different approach that means that if your at loss, they probably won’t be, and vice-versa.

Daniel Saba

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