The Purple Team finally had its breakthrough, and her name was Bette Tilly. Ms. Tilly, a historian who wrote extensively about the Evergreen Historic District, provided a lot of direction. In fact, she directed us to resources that were right under our noses. In a remarkable turn, the Evergreen Collection and Everett R. Cook Oral History Collection collectively turned out to be crucial to our project. This is despite our frustration that we’d been assigned seemingly irrelevant collections. In fact, those assignments turned out to be more valuable than we had imagined. Now, we are in the process of exhausting those resources. We are digitizing relevant documents (maps, tapes, interview transcripts, meeting notes, etc.) And the next step is to conduct our own interviews with long-time residents of the EHDA. I have taken the initiative to uncover information about the Snowden School integration of 1973. Information is not readily available, so I will contact the school as well as the Board of Education to find available resources. The Purple Team suffered from a period of uncertainty and lack of direction. Post-Bette Tilly, we have a newfound perspective and a clear purpose.


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