Social Networking Updates

Hello All!

The Gold Team has made a lot of progress in the last two weeks. 

Press Release:

Team members April Wilson and NeNe Bafford worked on a Press Release about what the Green Team is doing in the Mid-Town North communities.  The Press release was finalized this week and should be going out to the media either today or Monday.  April also worked on editing the press release for the Brownsville Collection. 


The Gold Team worked to design a t-shirt for the Crossroads team and the order has been placed and the team should have them in 2weeks! Be on the lookout for the new Crossroads t-shirt.


Team member Nadia Winston worked on creating a list of links to other historical websites that have similar goals as Crossroads.  The team hopes that these websites will add the Crossroads website’s link to their websites.  The historical websites’ links should be up on the Crossroads website next week.

News Page:

The News page on the Crossroads website has been updated.  Please visit the website to view the current news.

Crossroads on Rhodes website:

The Crossroads to Freedom Digital Archive has been highlighted on Rhodes College’s Homepage.  Please visit the website to view this article.

Facebook and YouTube Update:

As of now, there are 147 fans on the Facebook page.  The YouTube page has one new subscriber (Facing History and Ourselves) and it also has plenty of new video clips. Please visit the pages and check them out.

The team is currently working to improve all of the Social Networking Sites.  Please feel free to leave comments and ideas about the sites.  Also, if you are not a FAN of the facebook page or if you have not viewed any of the videos on YouTube, please do so! The sites are really improving!

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