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This week was a very productive one for the purple team.  Throughout the week, whenever we had a chance, the members of the purple team work on Quality Control for the Memphis World and Brownsville collections.  Also, on Thursday Arijit and I went to Snowden School to meet with the prinicipal about Crossroads and Snowden working together to preserve its history. This meeting went well any we got some help from him.  We plan on giving him information to pass on to any teachers that might want to help create this partnership.  We had our very first interviews scheduled for Thursday, but one of them got postponed.  In the second interview Tiffani and I interviewed Ms. Julia Allen.  This was a very rewarding experience.  This was the first time I had ever done an interview for Crossroads and I really enjoyed it.  Ms. Allen’s advice to our generation living in these times will stick with me forever. She said that, even if it does not seem like it sometime, Change has happened, Change is happening right now, and Change will happen in the future.  This was very moving to hear from a social activist who had seen it all.   She stressed that just one person dedicated to change can make a difference. I think this is very important for everyone to remember.  Today Mack and I went to the Memphis Public Library to borrow all the tapes from both the VECA and Civil Rights sections from the Oral History collection.  We will send these cassette tapes to vendors to be digitized and transcribed.  Over all this week has been a very productive one.

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