Max’s First Update

Greetings, blogosphere!

My name is Max and I’m a Crossroads Fellow for summer 2010. It’s been a number of weeks now, and we’ve been hard at work preparing for our interviews. There are two teams this summer–the Evergreen Team and the Hyde Park Team. I’m on the former, and I’m thrilled to be working for the community.

Much of my work in the last few weeks has been processing, but we’ve also made some headway booking interviews. Processing entails digitalizing, transcribing, and uploading our media to the Crossroads website. We have an interview scheduled for next Wednesday, and another tentative “yes” that should lead to another interview soon.

Though it may seem like interviews should come more rapidly–and it feels like it here sometimes as well–I think our team has accomplished a lot that was needed before we actually begin the interview process. All but one of us is entirely new to Crossroads, so we’ve had to learn about how the entire system works! Processing takes FOREVER, as does getting your foot in the community and beginning to network and find people who know people who would like to tell their story. I have one person I’m pursuing, and I promise it will be a juicy story–more to come later about that, though!

Talk soon!

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