1 month in….

This first month of work for the Crossroads to Freedom Project has far exceeded my expectations. Coming in I expected to be working with digital archives, (an area that I did have some previous experience in). Very quickly however I realized that the amount of work required would be far greater than the work I had done during my two previous library internships. The most challenging part has certainly been the TEI process. The easiest part of the TEI is the fact that it’s very methodical in its requirements. This is also what makes it the hardest part of the work that I’ve done so far; this is especially because working in Dreamweaver and Oxygen xml editors has been easy, in the sense that once you get the knack of it, it’s very simple. The frustrating part is the never ending process of cutting, pasting, and copying that must take place to make sure the text of the interview is input correctly.

Granted, working in the Digital Media Lab of the Barret library doing TEI is not the only rewarding aspect of Crossroads that I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in because the other fascinating part of Crossroads is the community outreach that is at the heart of Crossroads itself. This has been the most fascinating and rewarding part of the Crossroads Project. Going out into the Evergreen Neighborhood as part of the Evergreen Team has allowed to see a small part of Memphis in a highly concentrated frame of mind in a fast paced amount of time, something I was never able to do here in four years as a student.

In looking over the last month of work here at Crossroads, I’m very pleased with the way things have gone, and am looking forward to the surprises that the last month has in store.


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