Caroline’s First Update

Hola! My name is Caroline, and I am working with Team Evergreen. It’s been fascinating learning more about Evergreen, especially because I reside there as a student living off-campus. The Evergreen community members have always been and continue to be very active in maintaining not only the neighborhood, but also Overton Park and the Memphis Zoo. Their efforts go a long way in benefitting the city of Memphis as a whole, and I am thrilled that I am able to document their stories and efforts.

I am not from Memphis, or even Tennessee, and these past few weeks with Crossroads have opened my eyes to see Memphis in a completely different perspective. Things at work are starting to come together as Team Evergreen begins to schedule more interviews. We have three next week , in fact! When talking to people I will focus certain questions to gain more information about the Vietnam War Moratorium in Overton Park. This moratorium was put on by student council presidents from various colleges and universities in Memphis, and the first time I had heard about it was from my own aunt who participated in it. Some of the activities took place at Rhodes College, as well, so I am hoping to talk to former professors.

Overall, these past several weeks have been quite enjoyable. I feel very lucky to have this job for the summer because it has enabled me to step outside of what I know and gain insight to a period in history that changed so much not only for the city of Memphis, but across the nation. I look forward to getting to know community members and documenting their stories. More to come soon!


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