My first Crossroads Blog

It is now week 4, and it seems like the program is  going by so quickly.   This has been a totally different experience from my other summers, especially last summer when i was  a camp counselor. I have enjoyed learning a lot about the Evergreen community.  As a native Memphian, I have gained a great deal of knowledge about the community.  An example is the I-40 blockage going to the Supreme Court. I never knew that the area had been so devastated by the preparation for the interstate.

I have also spoken with a lot of people who reside in the community, and I have found the way their stories connect to be very intriguing.  We have a few interviews now, and I am very excited to be a part of them.  In April, I had the opportunity to work with Crossroads at the Rock & Soul museum.  I am very eager to see how taking the oral histories of individuals prominent in the music industry differs from that of a residential neighborhood.

As a crossroads Fellow, I have also learned a lot about uploading an interview to the website.  Although I haven’t gotten it completely right yet, there is still hope.  I have almost completed one, so i can check and see if it is on the website tomorrow. I have taken the approach of trial and error, because with each error i learn something new.I ready to start another one to see if i can get this one right without help.  Processing the interviews isn’t so bad though, its just a lot of work.  I think it will actually be a relaxing process int he future. I think. . .

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