Eric’s First Post

It’s crazy to think that the summer is already half gone. It feels like everything is just now fully coming together with both processing and interviews. I guess that’s the difficulty with new groups working primarily during the summer: By the time everyone learns how to do what they need to do, they’re gone and a new group moves in. New programs and cameras have given us some trouble, but we’ve figured things out and improvised to keep out heads above water even at the most concerning points.

The leadership role is in some ways not as much of a shift from my work two summers ago as I had anticipated it being. Working with people on TEI has reminded me that I did a lot of TEI teaching then as well. However, this time there’s a slightly different feel to it because I’m expected to be an expert as opposed to just happening to have picked up on it recently.

Though I think we’re making good progress on the backlog, I’m concerned that we won’t add that many new interviews this summer. Or, if we do succeed in meeting our goals of interviews, I really doubt we’ll succeed in processing a substantial number of them. But for now, it’s just a matter of taking it day by day.

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