Life of a Crossroads Fellow-Weeks 5-6

Hi bloggers!!

I won’t write as much as I did last time! Well these past two weeks have been pretty busy to say the least. Not so much as field trips, but interviews and LOTS of TEI. As I write this blog, I am processing an interview that I was camerawoman for. The interviewee was Mr. Vernan Shaw, and he’s  the vice principle of Manassas High School. It is a pretty interesting interview, and hopefully it’ll be posted on the website by the end of this week. Hopefully.

Hyde Park team have two interviews this week. The one I am eager for is the one on Friday. We are interviewing five people from the Northside High Alumni Association. This interview will be the biggest interview Crossroads have ever done. I am really excited about this interview.

Told you this blog will be shorter than the other! I will keep you updated on the success of our interviews.

Peace and blessings,


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