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As a team leader this summer and as a returning Crossroads to Freedom Fellow, I have had the opportunity to share my experiences and discuss some challenges that Crossroads to Freedom Fellows may be approached with during the summer. A few weeks ago, there were a group of visitors from Minnesota that were interested in the Civil Rights Movement and came to Memphis to view historical sites, like the National Civil Rights Museum. They also came to Rhodes to visit and learn more about what we do during the summer.  This summer the two teams are working with Evergreen and Hyde Park to collect stories from people whose stories would otherwise go untold.  I was asked a question about how we get people to talk to us and it is important to understand that as a Crossroads to Freedom Fellow, it is all about establishing a relationship with those in the community.  Sometimes it may take weeks of talking to one individual before they agree to conduct an interview with us.  As fellows, we must show how much we care and build relationships that go beyond the summer.  This is challenging at times, but it is worth it in the end.  Hopefully, being in the communities will inspire other communities in Memphis, like Orange Mound or Whitehaven to go out and document their history and use Crossroads as a model.


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