Bing’s Update

This is my first year in Memphis, so everything in this city is new to me. Crossroads gives me a chance to closely observe the city where I will spend most of my college life. This summer, I am a member of the Hyde Park Team in the Crossroads to Freedom Program.

Till now, I have been working on TEI for one and a half months. At the beginning, processing really confused me. However, as an old saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. Although I haven’t gotten my TEI completely right yet, it’s much better compared to my first piece of work through practice in the past month.

One of our group goals is to rewrite the Wikipedia “Hyde Park” Page because the former description is mostly negative. I added the information about Manassas High School. I have been to Manassas High School twice with my group members, we talked to Mr. Shaw who is the vice president in Manassas and scanned a lot of historical photos/documents about Manassas. Blow is the Hyde Park wiki link:,_Memphis

In the past week, I participated in two interviews: I served as the camerawoman in Mr. Joe Ferby’s interview and I was the interviewer in Ms. Phyillis’s interview. Most of the participants are nice people and I appreciate their contribution to our Archive. I really enjoy gathering stories in Civil Rights Era and sharing them with our audiences.

Overall, I feel lucky to be chosen by Crossroads and work with all those lovely colleagues/interviewees this summer. My experiences in Crossroads deepen my understanding about the city of Memphis along with Memphis history. I am learning from the interviews we are conducting this summer as well as the interview I am processing. I am looking forward to learn more about the community.

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