1st Reflection

My experience so far has significantly exceeded my expectations.  I came into the program knowing that i was going to increase my knowledge of Memphis history.  When i found out that my focus would be Memphis music, I was even more enthused.  However, I never predicted the insights and underlying truths I would discover and encounter while learning about Memphis music. 

In the last four weeks I have heard a plethora of perspectives on the city of Memphis.  Growing up in Memphis, I have taken for granted the inspirational aura of the city of Memphis.  Thankfully by reading the perspectives of the likes of Mr. W. C. Handy, I have been able to awaken an appreciation for my city that I would never have otherwise.  Now, I can honestly think of my city with as much respect as I do New York City.  The same inspirational, culturally thriving environments of cities such as New York, reside here in Memphis, Tennessee.

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