Crossroads Love

This is my second summer working on the Crossroads to Freedom project, but I am also closing in on my second full year of working with Crossroads as well.  Working for crossroads during the year is fun, but during the summer, it is more rewarding.  It helps me to really grasp WHY projects like Crossroads are needed, so I LOVE working during the summer. 

So, like the beginning of any project, we spent time training.  During training we found out what the projects are and what project we would be assigned to work on.  I have been assigned to the Map Team.  Now, ANY of my co-workers will tell you that the Map Team was the one team that I did not want to be a part of.  But now, I love working on the Map Team.  We all get along great and it actually has turned out to be a really cool project.  We have a lot of things planned with the maps of Memphis that we have/will collect and we are also working on some things dealing with Google Earth.  So, all-in-all, I guess I can say that I’m glad Dr. Bonefas assigned me to Team Maps!

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