Crossroads Reflection 1

These past few weeks here at Crossroads have flown by and I did not expect that I would have had such a variety of experiences this quickly. We were able to impart our knowledge onto the kids we held a workshop for from Reverend Morton’s camp troop and I was shocked by how easily we were able to connect with them. I also had the privilege to participate in two interviews so far and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed these experiences.

This week I was able to learn about a woman I have known for years on a totally different level. She was open, vibrant and she laid bare her whole life before us. I was privileged to get to know her in this way and Reverend Morton also gave us an interesting perspective. I have gained a new appreciation for Memphis by hearing their histories and I wish I could have gotten the chance to speak to a few more of my family members who have lived here all of their lives. I’m interested to see what else I will discover as a member of the Crossroads team!

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