First Week for Team VIII

Today is day 5 for the 2013 Crossroads to Freedom team. The last couple of days we have been focusing on our individual team names. The first team is working on processing the Sanitation Strike tapes. Their team name is Clean Up Krewe. The second team is working with a few students from Highland Heights. Their team name is Creative Heights. The last team is working with students from South Memphis. Their team name is The Archivists. The Archivists and Creative Heights teams will be creating lesson plans and activities that will be useful in helping the students learn more about thier communities.

Wednesday, day 3, we learned about Assest Based Community Development. We discussed the ways in which individuals within a community can identify the assests and strengths within the community. It is important to communicate with the residents living in the community because they are experts of thier lives and their community and, as such, they can provide great perspectives aboout these strenghts. After our introduction to Assest Based Community Devolopment we had lunch at Caritas and discussed more about the Binghampton community. After lunch we divided into three groups and drove or walked to our assigned section of Binghampton. We spent two hours exploring the neighborhood on foot and in car, looking for assests and strengths. One of the groups was even able to meet and talk to a few of the residents!

Thursday we learned more about processing the Sanitation Strike Tapes. We went over the process of putting the text in the transcript into TEI. Later in the day we got into our separate teams and discussed our individual projects. The overall goal for all of the teams this summer is to work on the present and empower portion of our mission statement.

We are still figuring out exactly what we will be doing for the rest of the summer. Overall we are all looking forward to a productive and exciting summer!!

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