An Exciting Week for Hayes Ledgers

As we come to the end of another week, I have just come to the end of another year in the Ledgers. I just finished the year 1915 in my transcription process. I feel now would be an appropriate time for a recap of the 1915 ledgers. I encountered a number of particularly interesting, noteworthy ledgers. There was a string of several children in a row that was really hard to take. One record that stuck with me was that of a 7 year old boy who was accidentally shot in the head by his brother’s shotgun. It is interesting to see how tragedies we see even today were happening all the way back in 1915. On a happier (relatively speaking) note, I found one particular phrasing of a ‘cause of death’ quite unique. Will Alexander, page number 197, was “killed by blow by ax by wife”. It sounds like the almost (if not entirely) comedic, Flannery O’Conner twist. If these two examples are any indicator to you, 1915 was quite a year.

Now only on the second day of January 1916, I have come to an obstacle that is now very familiar to me. We’ve all encountered something similar at the end of Winter Break when we can never seem to remember that it is a new year, leaving our notes and assignments with the previous year in the date. The only difference is, now instead of just at the beginning of class or at the start of an assignment, I want to write 1915 in every date box on every individual form. The truly amusing part is that whether it’s just after Winter Break or in the middle of the semester, I have now started writing the year of the Ledgers in my assignments. I must admit I turned in an English paper with the date 1917 on it. I guess I have many more adventures and mis-written dates to look forward to!

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