Week 5

Today is day 23 of summer 2013 and we have made a lot of progress. As a whole the Crossroads team is really powering through the strike tapes. We are all committed to making the interviews available on the crossroads to freedom website. The Clean-up Krewe is particularly committed to this endeavor because this is our main obligation.

In addition to the responsibility of uploading strike interviews, we are also working on creating a key and a web of characters to make it easier for people to navigate the strike collection. Sam Bridger is the overseer of this project, while Steven Becton and I remain on the lookout for interesting interviewees to add to the character web. Steven, Sam, and I have worked well as a team so far this summer. We have delegated responsibilities to everyone’s satisfaction and the progress of our project has been impressive quite honestly.

Currently the Crossroads team is eagerly awaiting the beginning of a long 4th of July weekend, but I know we are all confident in the progress that our teams will be making next week when we return prepared to dive headfirst back into our projects for the summer!

-The Clean-up Krewe

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