Bridging Crossroads with Facebook and YouTube

This week the Gold Team focused on creating two social networking sites (Facebook and YouTube) and attempted to create a Myspace.  The Myspace turned out to not be the best site for what the team was trying to do with its social networking sites, so in the end it was a decision of the team to delete the page.  On Monday, the team created the Facebook page and had great success with some of the applications. Other applications were a little more time consuming and some of the applications turned out to be a bit ineffective. 

On the page, there is a RSS/Blog application that feeds this WordPress blog right into the Facebook page, so that the fans can see what the whole Crossroads team is doing.  There is also a discussion board that encourages fans to interact and reply to the topic that is up for discussion.  There are currently 13 pictures that the GOLD TEAM selected to feature on the website for the initial publication.  These pictures include images from the Memphis World Collection, the Hoxie Collection, and the Sugarmon Collection.  Team member, April Wilson, worked on creating a gift feature for the page that will allow fans to send “Crossroads Gifts” to other friends on Facebook.  This feature is still being worked on, but be on the lookout! 

Later on in the week, the team created a YouTube page that will feature clips from past interviews.  The clip that will be featured this week is the interview with Dr. Jim Lanier.  The team plans to upload 2-3 video clips a week and is currently looking through the archive for videos to feature.  If you have any suggestions about which videos that you think the team should feature on the YouTube  channel, please feel free to comment.  Along with the YouTube page, Facebook has a YouTube box applicaiton that will feature the videos that are on the YouTube channel.  This is one of the applications that takes a little more time, but it is currently being worked on. 

Today is the day! The Facebook page has officially been published! Please visit the site and BECOME A FAN of the Crossroads to Freedom Digital Archive Facebook Page!

The YouTube page is also up and ready! Please visit the site and tell the GOLD TEAM what you think!!

Next week, the focus will be on community outreach so that people in the community will be aware of these new sites that have been created this week!!!

Again, let the GOLD TEAM know what you think about the new sites!




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Hyde Park.

Walking around the  Hyde Park community proved to be a very interesting day indeed. The weather was nice and warm….the sun was very present that morning/early afternoon (Lol). The neighborhood its self was interesting. It was funny to see the dynamics of the neighborhood. One block was nice and manicured..flower gardens…yard decortions…..nice normal houses. The type of houses that are typical in my grandmothers neighborhood (which is a black working class community)….and the next block was a little more….or maybe I should say a little less nice. It was all in all very quiet though. There wasn’t much activity. As far as the history is concerned Ms. Cox gave us some info….but not as much info as she did with the  Hollywood community. One of my team members did some research on Hyde Park and it was all very informative. The event that seemed to catch the Crossroads team as a whole was The Shannon Street Massacre. Ms. Cox took us in front of the house where it occurred and told us she would not give us the details but something very tragic happened that affected the neighborhood as a whole- and now knowing the story I am almost positive she did not mean in the most positive way.

Because I know have some background knowledge (Shout out to Elizabeth=] ) I am excited to go into Hyde Park. Knowing the history (good and bad) I am anxious to get a first hand account of the people who live in this area and deal with the things that were talked about in various sources on a regular basis. I’m anxious to get the stories of those that are often looked over and forgotten about.

All in all this should prove to be a very interesting/enlightening/resourceful experience =}



Does anyone have a case of the Monday’s or is it just me?!?!

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