Go Green.

Our meeting today was very informative and productive as usual. I like how are team works as a whole. Everyone has an equal amount of input….it fells like a real big group effort lol =] Gotta looooove the Green Team! I am anxious to learn more about what Green Team’s role is in realtion to Hyde Park. I understand that we are supposed to interview the residents, find out some history stuff etc but I am still unclear on why excatly are we there. Are we there to get the residents stories as Memphians…or more information on Hyde Park in relation to Memphis and on race relations period. Or all of the above?? I think I have some what of an understanding buuut not really (obviously) lol. None the less I’m sure these things will get cleared up soon. Thank goodness tommarow is Friday =]
Can’t wait for that good ol paycheck…..CHHHHAAA CHHHIIIINNNGGG!!!!!! =]

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