Green Team Report 6/7-6/13

          Green Team Weekly Re-cap

          Things have been rolling along nicely for the Green Team this week.  We started our week by setting up the interview room in Shasta.  Then we began our training by testing the different cameras (flip vs. pan) and sharpening our interview skills.  Our team leader came up with several interview situations that we had to work through, such as the short-responders, the way-off-topic talkers, the inquisitive interviewee, etc.  During these mock interviewers, each member of the team practiced on the camera and in the interview chair.  This experience made a lot of the newbies more comfortable with using the equipment and interviewing. 

          This week, we also met with Dorothy to discuss potential interviewees and community assets.  We used the information from this meeting as well as the Hyde Park tour and research to develop a Potential Interview and Asset Datasheet that can be accessed on SharePoint>Shared Docs>GreenTeam.  Along with this datasheet, we created a Google Map which pinpoints important locations in the Hyde Park Community.  We will continually update the datasheet and map.

          In addition to meeting with Dorothy, we have been doing background research at the Memphis Public Library in order to learn more about the history of Hyde Park.  The articles that we found have been uploaded to the Hyde Park History Folder on SharePoint.  The hard copies of these articles are also available.  This data-mining has been incredibly useful because it has helped us learn about significant activists and events in the community.

      The following list shows our accomplishments of the week.

  • Interview and Asset Datasheet
  • Google Map
  • Flyer for the community
  • Script of our purpose in Hyde Park
  • Data-mining and History Folder
  • Interview Room Preparation
  • Chapter 1 of Guidebook

     Our Goals for next week include:

  • Maintain Knowledge Inventory, spreadsheet, map, calendar, blog, chapter
  • Windshield tour of Hyde Park
  • Meet  folks
  • Schedule Interviews
  • Conduct 1-2 interviews next week
  • Make connections with businesses
  • Create note cards for the interviews
  • Collect artifacts and preservation
  • Brownsville
  • Organize with other teams.  Work with Gold Team to network and develop ways to make the Hyde Park collection available to residents and the public.  Work with Purple Team to archive material and to learn about community preservation.
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Green Goals May 28, 2009

The following are overarching goals from which we will plan our objectives (steps) and revisit periodically to revise and reevaluate:

  • Overall, we are creating a thorough model that other communities/institutions can adopt and sustain with a rotating staff.
  • Engage and partner with the community (including organizations, businesses, and residents). This will involve regular participation in community events as well as eliciting community wants/concerns/goals.
  • Identify assets that will be documented/archived (including people, places, organizations, etc.)
  • Document and collect assets.
  • Process certain assets into Crossroad’s inventory (objects and interviews).
  • Create an inventory of assets that community institutions/organizations/residents can use to serve their goals (increasing participation, communication, networking, public relations and awareness, education, community pride, community heritage, community programs, grassroots movements, etc.)

Examples of specific outcomes is the Community Inventory Model, a collection of Hyde Park assets (interviews, documents, etc.), and facilitating web 2.0 self-determination in having community institutions “update” Hyde Park’s wikipedia page.

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Questions about the Process

Here is a list of questions that seem to be essential to the Process. Please comment.

  1. What are assets? Who identifies assets? (Primary and Secondary) (Stories, Art, Music, Literature, Places, Traditions, Events, Memories?)
  2. How do we collect assets?
  3. How do we organize assets?
  4. How do we make it accessible (enable) and sustainable?
  5. How do we document the process and integrate reflections?

And to all of the above: For what purpose?

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