Week 3, Green Team

This week was the first week that we really started to work mostly at Shasta Central.  We set up our equipment (lights, camera, audio, etc) in a small office room there; our own “Shasta Studio” where we plan to conduct interviews in.  We did a few practice runs with all of the equipment, to make sure we had everything figured out before getting started. It’s a good thing that we did too, as we did encounter several difficulties (due to my own unfamiliarity) that we soon got sorted out.   We also did several mock interviews with one another, which was also good practice.

Andy and I worked together to make a Google map of the Hyde Park/Hollywood area, marking down certain locations (Shasta, several businesses, pretty much  anywhere Mrs. Cox showed us on our tour)in the community.  Marrissa wrote out an interview guide that outlined the information that we should ask for when conducting interviews.  Elizabeth did some “data mining” earlier this week, finding several documents from the Memphis Library about the Hyde Park area.  Paris wrote out a flyer for the Green Team to use while working in the community.

So whereas the last two weeks were about getting orientated, this week was basically about setting everything up.  The interviewing process will most likely, according to Andy, begin next week. Meanwhile, I hope that our presence will further become felt in the community in the coming weeks.

Daniel Saba

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